Vintage Lo-Fi Boom Bap Hip-Hop Beat | efi.

Sorry for the delay between the uploads, had to finish this one. Ratings/comments tell me what's up

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I don't give out any beats for free unless it's specified, so in the title. I understand how it might sound greedy to some, but I believe letting everyone use the beats (some people making very bad recordings over it) would be disrespectful. Non profit or not if you really like the beat as much and are passionate about what you want to record on it, then I think $25 bucks for a lease sounds fair enough. And well, it also helps pay bills.

So this is a text where I'll try to put as much keywords as possible while still trying to make it look like I'm trying to say something legit. Basically boom bap beats, very hip-hop and underground. Extremely dope, chill and banger. Real hip hop rap instrumental. Trippy storytelling while blunted. True type beat and 90s. 90's were very dope. HipHop.

Hope you enjoy my shit.