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I Love Colors!
Kid Songs
From: Kiboomu Kids Songs
Do you want to sing a song about colors?
There are so many colors in this beautiful world.
What's your favourite?
Blue is the color of the deep blue sea
Blue like mommy's eye's looking at me
Blue is the color of the summer sky
I love blue
Don't ask me why!
Red is the color of a big fire truck
Red like an apple or a rose you pluck
Red is the color of the sun set sky
I love red
Don't ask me why!
Yellow is the color of the big bright sun
Yellow like buttercups, every one
Yellow is the yoke in the eggs we fry
I love yellow
Don't ask me why!
Green is the color of the grass and trees
Green like peas and broccoli
Green is the color of key lime pie
I love green
Don't ask me why!
I love colors don't ask me why!

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Song: Colors Songs for Kids
Music: Kiboomu Kids Songs
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