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Everlasting Summer - Main Theme (Piano/Keyboard Cover)

Written by: Sergey Eybog aka Silent Owl. The soundtrack to the game is great, check it out. I think it's also available on iTunes.

I realize this game is NSFW. It's OK, I played the Steam version a couple of weeks after it was released, so all explicit content was removed. Apparently visual novels aren't my genre of video games, but I really enjoyed the music. I had a tough time deciding whether to cover this or Let's Be Friends (Lena's Theme), but ultimately decided on the main theme.

I had to dust off my old Yamaha PSR 293 for some of the added layers (strings, choir, woodwind melody at the end, etc). It was fun adding all the layers together, though it was a bit tedious getting everything to synch and doing some post-production editing to prevent major fluctuations in the dynamics between passages and/or instruments. Hope you enjoy.