Traffic Light Poem, Wheels on the bus and more English Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids | Mum Mum TV

Traffic Light Poem, Wheels on the bus and more English Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids | Mum Mum TV

If you are looking for fun and educational nursery rhymes Songs for your kids, Traffic Lights is a great addition to include in your child’s repertory.

Traffic Light nursery rhyme, which also may be known as Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light, is a very short but catchy tune about how traffic lights work. Your child will learn the meaning of each of the three colors of a traffic light in a very straight forward way.

Not only are the lyrics of the rhyme very clear and easy to understand for any child, even toddlers, but the visual content in this video will help your child reinforce and imprint in his or her memory the rules of traffic lights, all while having a blast listening and dancing to this great tune!

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0:10 Traffic Light 2:50 Wheels on the bus 5:50 Piggy On The Railway Line 7:57 Humpty Dumpty 9:50 An Apple A Day 11:37 ABC Song 14:25 Brush Your Teeth 17:45 After A Bath Poem 19:02 Finger Family 22:30 If You're Happy and You Know It 25:51 Blue Whale 29:06 Three Little Fishes 31:48 Baa Baa Black Sheep 34:25 Jack and Jill 37:39 Five Little Monkeys 40:10 Chubby Cheeks 42:05 Jingle Bell Song 44:24 Row Row Row Your Boat 46:28 Hickory Dickory Dock 50:18 Three Little Kittens 54:18 Ringa Ringa Roses 56:32 Incy Wincy Spider 58:16 Tingalayo 1:01:20 Ants Go Marching 1:05:42 Five Little Speckled Frogs 1:08:44 Yankee Doodle 1:10:56 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1:13:26 Old MacDonald Had a Farm 1:16:30 Five Little Ducks 1:18:56 Mary Had a Little Lamb 1:21:15 I'm a Little Teapot 

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