Will an automatic card shuffler work on magic cards? + tests with sleeves -MTG

I test out the automatic card shuffler with magic the gathering cards.

I test sleeved cards un-sleeved cards double sleeved cards and single sleeved cards.( Brands used in testing - KMC Hype mat, KMC perfect fits, Dragon shield matte, and dragon shield original)

1. KMC hyper mat double sleeved with KMC perfect fit = it fits the machine but some caught on the machine not always perfect shuffles but will shuffle half of a 60 card deck at a time with no problem maby a few slip ups. The full 60 card deck might be to heavy for the machine or maby I put them in a bit crooked so they got caught on the machine but in all it kind of works with these cards not perfect but not to bad.

2. Dragon shield matte / Dragon shield regular = would not fit in to the automatic card shuffler they were to tall

3. KMC perfect fits single sleeved = worked fine in the machine with really no slip ups

4. non-sleeved or un-sleeved cards = worked fine in the machine but might damage the bottoms of the cards from the card shuffling gears over time its pretty aggressive I think lol.

In all I really wouldn't use this machine to shuffle you expensive cards it could damage them by some malfunction it gets spinning very fast its more of a gimmick device but I had fun testing it

Hope you enjoyed watching.

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